What Exactly Is Emotional Meditation? Part 1

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To really understand emotional meditation we will need to understand the way in which our emotions serve us.

Our emotions are an extraordinary gift; they are the ultimate relational tool. They are ultra-responsive and very immediate. Like an internal satnav system they literally give us minute-by-minute information, all of the time. If you think about it, the way that we feel can change in an instant, and this is actually one of the ways in which our emotions serve us.

Everything that we feel is valuable and important to us. Even when we experience something that is intensely difficult, our feelings are actually telling us something… and it’s good information. It may be uncomfortable… Sometimes confusing… Sometimes even overwhelming… But when our emotions speak to us… it’s good information. Even when we experience something that is particularly challenging, our emotions are giving us the heads up that something’s not okay and that something needs to change.

So how do we experience our emotions? When we feel an emotion, we will experience it physically, we feel it in our body. If we are anxious we may get short of breath and our heart rate increases… When we are stressed, our body feels tense. So our emotions are experienced through our physical body… The task of our mind, our extraordinary mind, is to listen to this information, and to process and make sense of our experience. This then enables us to consciously formulate our desires, our intentions and our choices. This is the way that our mind and our emotions can work in harmony together… They’re a team.

This is just a snippet of the full article published on the Huffington Post.  To read more please click here.

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