Walk to the Beat of Your Own Drum

jenny October 6, 2017 160 No Comments


Day 14, the last in my series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay.

Be yourself. Walk to the beat of your own drum. And when you find your own song, sing it with pride.

I have read that alchemy is not really about turning lead into gold. If we consider that beyond being a metaphor, alchemy is about the transformation of the soul, then our purpose here is to engage fully with the challenges that life gifts us with in order to grow.

Whatever our unique and individual pathways, try to be true to your own, whilst actively demonstrating your respect for the unique and individual pathways of all others that you come into contact with.

I consistently meet people who are challenged by me, not because I directly challenge them in any way, but simply because the way in which I live my life is very different to theirs.

This doesn’t make me right and them wrong. In fact some are very dear friends who long to see me live in the way that they believe would be right for me. In truth however, my journey is my own to discover just as theirs is also their own. Curiously enough, their picture of what would be right for me, is actually a mirror of what is right for them. With the very best of intentions, they want and desire me to live as they do.

Completely inadvertently and with the very best of intentions they are not able to see my pathway beyond the realms of their own.

Stand tall and allow your own journey to unfold as it should. As long as your pathway demonstrates an absolute respect for others you will discover your own song.


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