The Power of our Words

jenny October 1, 2017 194 No Comments



Day 9 in a series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay.

Always try to be Mindful of your words, they carry a huge amount of power and they also carry emotion.

When I was at school we were taught a rhyme.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

It wasn’t true, I guess it was a way of trying to defend against verbal bullying. The reality is that words can hurt, they can fuel hatred, prejudice and violence. They can become the instigator of mass hysteria and emotionally charged actions including war.

However words can also heal. They can repair, they can negotiate, they can convey kindness and generate hope.

Words can make us feel ten feet tall… or one inch small…

Always be mindful of your words. They carry power and they have an impact.


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