The Empowerment of Positive Feedback and the Law of Attraction.

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Bringing the Power Back to Ourselves!

Over the last week the majority of things that have arisen in my world that required my urgent and full attention were of a more negative or challenging nature.

If the law of attraction is correct and the areas that we give our attention to will create more of the same, then by having to attend to situations with an emphasis on the negative rather than the positive, in principle, I might potentially attract more of the same into my life.

Now of course, if something comes into our life, that requires our attention, it is appropriate and important that we respond accordingly. Disregarding something that isn’t Okay will not enable or empower us to create any form of resolution or way forwards. However, what I have noticed in the last week, is that as things arrived in my world that required my full attention, by necessity, this meant that I was investing a greater amount of energy and thought in responding to problems and challenges than in focusing on the areas of my life where everything was running smoothly.

My energetic investment was out of balance!

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a great believer in bringing the power in any situation back to ourselves, we have no power over the actions of others, but we do have power over our own choices and our own actions.
So what can we do to shift this energetic imbalance? ……

This is just a snippet of the full article published on the Huffington Post.  To read more please click here.

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