The Emotional Currency, an Underlying Exchange.

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Our Emotions are a Transferable Commodity. A Huff Post Blog by Jenny

The Emotional Currency, an Underlying Exchange.

In every exchange that takes place between us there are many layers of communication and whether it’s an event or a verbal communication, there will always be some kind of an underlying emotional exchange taking place, like an emotional currency being passed between us.

Deep down inside of ourselves, we feel these emotional exchanges taking place. However, we may not know quite how to recognise them, or how to interpret what’s actually going on, especially when there’s a discrepancy between the appearance of something and the way that it actually feels. When this happens we can struggle to try and comprehend or work out what is actually taking place. It doesn’t help that our emotions are not visible, they are unseen and yet powerful, they affect us beyond measure.

Let me give you some examples of the kinds of exchanges that I’m talking about.
If I were to give a gift to somebody, and I gave it freely with joy, love and appreciation, then when they receive that gift, they will also receive the emotional gift. They will receive the emotional package of joy and love and appreciation. It will feel good.

However, if I were to give the same gift to somebody, but I gave it out of guilt, obligation and duty, then even though the event may appear to be exactly the same, the emotional package that comes with it will create a completely different exchange. It won’t feel the same….

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