Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness

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The Big Launch!!

In celebration of the Official Launch Day on Dec 1st, my new book ‘Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness’ will be FREE to Download for 5 Days only.

This is the second book in my Series “The Intelligence of Our Emotions”

To reserve your Free Copy & receive a Download Link on the day of the big celebration register here:


This is a Time Limited Offer and the link will be valid for 5 days only.

I am sooo grateful and appreciative of the amazing reviews so far.

“Thoughtful, Articulate and Essential… This book will teach you how to establish a healthy communication between your reason and your emotions”
Alicia Heraz,
Eng. PhD. Founder and CEO Emotions Matter

“A step by step, low technology, high impact, guide to emotional awareness. This lovely book takes the reader on a profound journey. It is a significant resource that really creates genuine opportunity for self-development and growth. The steps are clear and the processes simple.
Libby Alderson Chartered Fellow FCIPD
Organisational Coach and Supervisor. Learning Excellence Manager

“This book has thrown light on specific emotions, such as anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, envy and shame and challenges us to engage differently, using positive thinking and acceptance of our difficult feelings.
A book which is accessible to everyone, easy to read and can be referred back to time and again.”

Jo Turner
PG Dip. Mar. Th. Psychodynamic Relationship Psychotherapist

This is a book designed to create personal empowerment.

I wrote this book to enable people understand and to overcome their more challenging emotional states. It is inevitable that we will all find ourselves feeling powerful emotions at times of stress and duress. This is understandable, we are after all only human, however what we do in response to these feelings will to a very great extent determine whether a stressful situation will become a space of growth and learning or a situation that floors us, leaving us feeling disempowered and fearful.

On a daily basis we bear witness to emotionally reactive behaviour all around us. We are living in an extremely reactive world!

If we wish to create real and lasting Change we will need to shift from living from a position of Emotional reactivity to a life of Mindful Consideration. This book gently guides readers to a whole new level of emotional self-awareness with real tools to integrate and transform your understanding and perspective of even your most challenging emotional states.


“Wow! This book is simply jam-packed with gems of wisdom from an author who is gladly sharing her wealth of cumulative knowledge and experience from a combination of her professional and personal life so that we may all benefit. In my opinion, this book has the potential to have a profound effect on individuals, families, communities, countries and if shared and read far and wide enough it could help begin to heal the world.”

“Jenny turns the problems of life into challenges and the challenges into opportunities. What could be better? It is brevity with clarity expressed in layperson’s terms for every one of us.
So, trust, read, and wholeheartedly benefit!”

“This book educates and inspires by challenging us to reflect and evaluate how we listen to and respond to our challenging emotions so we can learn and grow. If we all engaged with the ideas suggested by the author and educated our children to do likewise, the ripple effect and positive outcomes would be life-enhancing for everyone.”

“A helpful and enlightening read!
Jenny has developed a way of writing about the whole complexity of the mixture of our emotions with a simplicity and understanding that both professionals and layperson can follow. A’MUST READ’ for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of themselves and the way that they respond to the challenges of living their lives in fullness.”

“This book is a wonderful toolkit for navigating our everyday lives with the confidence that no matter what challenges and subsequent emotions surface, we will approach them with a renewed understanding.”

Register here http://bit.ly/2zud231 to reserve your Free Copy & receive a Download Link

This is a Time Limited Offer in celebration of the Official Launch Day Dec 1st

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