Learning to Embrace Change without Fear

jenny September 29, 2017 169 No Comments



Day seven in a series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay highlighting what we can each do to find empowerment and a pathway to personal peace within the immediacy of our daily lives.

Learning to Embrace Change without Fear.

Change can often make us wobble big time! So much so that we end up being fearful of change, even sometimes when it is very much desired and for the positive. This is completely understandable. So often our associations to change are challenging, change can be abrupt and unexpected… or not as we would wish, leaving us with feelings of being out of control. In reality of course, change will happen whether we like it or not, life is an evolutionary process and each and every one of us is growing and changing every single day.

As far as I can see the key to managing change is to become an active participant within the context and experience of our own lives and to become an active participant in the changes that we ourselves wish to see. If in our fear of change we withdraw or step back, we remove the opportunity that we actually do have for input into the shape of that change. We silence our own voice!

Ironically this then perpetuates our feelings of change being out of our control and reinforces our perceptions and our underlying unease. When we embrace our capacity for free will and choice and we contribute our voice we enter into a pro-active relationship with the events around us and in doing so have far more control over the changes that are taking place in the immediacy of our world.


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