Do Not Buy Into Gossip

jenny October 4, 2017 245 No Comments



Please do Not buy into Gossip! An important message in my series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay.

In recent years, again and again, I have come into contact with a number of folk who seem to thrive on an elaborate retelling of stories with an embellishment designed to distort the truth, always at the expense of someone else.

Conscious and deliberate misrepresentation is a form of underhanded and yet very powerful bullying and when we go along with this and buy into it, we help to fuel a culture that has grown to perceive this as the norm.

There is a monumental difference between having a rant in which we express and voice and indeed take ownership of our own feelings such as “I’m angry about” or “This is infuriating” or “I feel completely disempowered by” as opposed to judging, criticising and slaughtering someone else, especially behind their back, with an intent or an outcome of influencing others against someone.

This way of operating exists only as long as we buy into it and run with it.

Without our support, people who live in this way hold no power. Please do not collude in this. Doing so simply adds fuel to the fire.

We can be better than this.


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