Consider viewing a Problem as an Opportunity, rather than a Potential Crisis

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The sixth in a series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay highlighting what we can each do within the immediacy of our own individual daily lives.

Consider viewing any kind of problem as an opportunity rather than a potential crisis.

Problems are a part of being a normal human being, living a normal human life. Our attitude towards problems, either real in the here and now or indeed anticipated, will make the difference between a problem being experienced as a crisis or an opportunity.

Whenever we identify a problem, our very recognition and acknowledgement of this difficulty creates an opportunity to work out what we can do about it. How we might address the situation. Where we might go to seek answers. What options are available to us to potentially arrive at a resolution.

As long as a problem remains hidden or unseen, unrecognized or indeed denied, then the doorway to any possible solution remains closed.

We have a choice as to how we approach problems. When we ourselves are available to both acknowledge and to seek resolutions then whatever happens we have the right to feel good about ourselves. A healthy attitude towards problem solving fuels healthy self-esteem and reinforces an environment in which every situation is experienced as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

When faced with a problem or difficulty or a challenge within our adult lives, what do we each choose to do in response to this challenge can make the difference between a problem being compounded and repeated, or alternatively worked through, resolved and used as a valuable learning curve.

In this we have a choice.

When we shift our perspective and our attitude towards problems, not only do we ourselves grow from the situation but we also demonstrate to all those around us that problems do not have to be feared…


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