And What of Empty Words

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Some more about Words in my series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay.

Yesterday I spoke about words, how they carry power and emotion.

So what of empty words…

When we refer to empty words we are not talking about words that are empty of either power or emotion, it is usually that they are empty of action.
Something has been said, but not done. Actions have not been congruent with what has been said.

However they still carry power and emotion! But the emotional content will have changed.

I’m sorry, it won’t happen again will evoke many possible emotions. Happiness, joy, gratitude and appreciation, perhaps even relief. However when I’m sorry is followed by the same thing happening again it will evoke a very different set of emotions. Disappointment, sadness, perhaps frustration and anger and maybe even fear!

Sometimes though, we do have to “go back on our words”, and rightly so.

If we make a promise to someone and that person then behaves badly towards us then our change of course is making a clear and healthy statement of No. If we make a commitment to something that doesn’t then work out, our capacity to evaluate and if necessary change course demonstrates a healthy responsiveness to life.

Develop honourable discernment in all of your actions.


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