All Five Audios in ‘The Psychology of Emotion’ Series have now been uploaded into the Library. 

jenny July 26, 2017 154 No Comments


Good morning.

The ‘Psychology of Emotion’ series is now in the Library and with more to come. These audios are designed to develop emotional literacy through psychological understanding… without jargon!! I hope they will be useful.

When emotions run high, or we find ourselves reacting in ways that are not consistent with who we wish to be there will always be an underlying cause of this. If we learn to press an ‘internal pause button’ we can develop our ability to become an observer of ourselves. When we do this, without criticism, judgement or blame, we create an opportunity to look a little more deeply at what may be taking place.

Having some psychological understanding creates a kind of structure for enquiry and understanding. When we begin to appreciate why we feel the way that we do and why we may be reacting in a particular way this reduces emotional tension and creates to consider how we might manage ourselves differently.

Thank you and take care.

Jenny Florence

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