Hello See Yourself as the Source of Change in the World

jenny September 22, 2017 10 No Comments


#WeCANbeTheChange Understanding that we ourselves can be the source of change in the world. Good morning and welcome. This is the second in a series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay. Once something has been said or done… for better or worse… we can’t actually change it. But we can of course decide what to do… Read more »

Hello World Peace Day

jenny September 21, 2017 9 No Comments


#WeCANbeTheChange A Pathway to Peace Good morning and welcome. This is the first in a series of blogs to celebrate #WorldPeaceDay. Over the next 14 days, each day I will be recording a short message which will go into the library. Each one will focus on a different aspect of what each of us CAN… Read more »

Hello If we wish to see Peace in the World we will need to Be Peace in the World

jenny July 31, 2017 78 No Comments


When I was 6 I got a bicycle for my birthday. Overjoyed, I proudly took it to school where I met a girl in my class. She took one look at me and said; “Is that all you got! On my birthday, I got a bicycle and a tape recorder and a whole outfit with… Read more »

Hello What Exactly is Emotional Health?

jenny July 29, 2017 78 No Comments


We use the term mental health and of course we talk about physical health, but we very rarely talk about emotional health. And yet our emotions are absolutely integral to the way in which we relate and engage with our world. When we talk about mental health issues, we are not just talking about the… Read more »

Hello All Five Audios in ‘The Psychology of Emotion’ Series have now been uploaded into the Library. 

jenny July 26, 2017 71 No Comments


Good morning. The ‘Psychology of Emotion’ series is now in the Library and with more to come. These audios are designed to develop emotional literacy through psychological understanding… without jargon!! I hope they will be useful. When emotions run high, or we find ourselves reacting in ways that are not consistent with who we wish… Read more »

Hello Celebration. The New A-Z Library is Live!

jenny July 14, 2017 87 No Comments


A Cause for Celebration! The A-Z Library is now live.  Hello and thank you for following me and supporting my work to promote emotional health. This library is now officially up and running so please do check out the content and give us feedback. The Audios and Videos currently available on the site are just… Read more »

Hello The Emotional Currency, an Underlying Exchange.

jenny July 5, 2017 219 No Comments


Our Emotions are a Transferable Commodity. A Huff Post Blog by Jenny The Emotional Currency, an Underlying Exchange. In every exchange that takes place between us there are many layers of communication and whether it’s an event or a verbal communication, there will always be some kind of an underlying emotional exchange taking place, like… Read more »

Hello What Exactly Is Emotional Meditation? Part 1

master May 27, 2016 209 No Comments


To really understand emotional meditation we will need to understand the way in which our emotions serve us. Our emotions are an extraordinary gift; they are the ultimate relational tool. They are ultra-responsive and very immediate. Like an internal satnav system they literally give us minute-by-minute information, all of the time. If you think about… Read more »

Hello Why Our Right to Choose Keeps Us Healthy

master May 27, 2016 88 No Comments


How choice helps us to recover from illness and stay healthy. Recently in my family, an elderly relative became unwell; she was not so unwell that she needed to be admitted into hospital, but was too unwell to be home alone, unattended. Many families face this kind of situation, and aside from any of the… Read more »

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