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Jenny speaking about John Florence and the origins of the John Florence Trust

I am in the process of setting up a charity. This is the beginning.

publish July 14, 2017 20
Sunrise This Morning

The sunrises are stunning at the moment, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel so that I can live steam these wonderful recordings from nature.

publish July 14, 2017 22
The Psychology of Emotion Audio 1 Emotional Equations

In the first of the Series of Audios about the Psychology of Emotion, Jenny talks about why developing an emotional language is so helpful to us. She goes on to explain “Emotional Equations” using the term as a foundational tool in developing an em

publish May 12, 2017 33
The Psychology of Emotion Audio 2 Child Logic

Chapter 2 in the Psychology of Emotion Series from the A-Z of Emotional Health Library. In this Audio Jenny explains how we build our inner belief systems during childhood. With such a clear understanding of how and why this happens we can gently challenge our

publish May 12, 2017 27
The Psychology of Emotion Audio 3 Our Senior Management Team

What does the term ‘Inner Child’ really mean and how do we work with this aspect of ourselves. Jenny brings understanding and insight to this aspect of psychological development.

publish July 14, 2017 14
Emotional Meditation Day 1 Release Tension

In this two part meditation from the A-Z Library Jenny talks through the process of “Emotional Meditation” giving mindful release to emotional stress and tension. Read about the science behind “Emotional Meditation”. A new Meditation wi

publish May 12, 2017 39
Emotional Meditation Day 2 How Do Our Emotions Serve Us

In the second of the 15 day series of Emotional Meditations Jenny guides listeners on a journey of emotional awareness into a meditation that brings understanding and support to enable the release of emotional tension and stress.

publish May 12, 2017 31
Emotional Meditation Day 3 Emotions Generate Energy

In Day 3 of this series of Meditations Jenny guides us through the way that our emotions generate energy so that with understanding we can channel and use this energy to support us in navigating our daily lives.

publish May 12, 2017 24
Emotional Meditation Day 4 The Transformational Qualities of Emotional Energy

In Day 4 of this series of Meditations that deepen and transform our understanding of emotions, Jenny guides us through the transformational qualities of our emotions. When we talk therapeutically about working through something, it isn’t simply a process of

publish May 12, 2017 23
Emotional Meditation Day 5 The Relationship Between Our Mind and Our Emotions

In today’s meditation we are going to develop our understanding of the extraordinary relationship between our mind and our emotions. In our adult lives, this powerful relationship will be one of the most influential relationships that we ever have. Our e

publish May 12, 2017 24
Emotional Meditation Day 6 The Power of Emotional Language

Thoughts and emotions are mutually responsive to one another. Emotions generate thoughts and thoughts generate emotions. There is a direct relationship between the two. It’s like a dance and the kind of communication that takes place between our mind and

publish June 8, 2017 45
Emotional Meditation Day 7 Belief Systems and Management of the Past

Welcome to Day 7 in this series of Meditations. The way that our mind perceives the world, will alter the way that we feel. Whether our perceptions are positive, supportive and encouraging… or negative, critical and depleting, will impact directly on the way

publish June 30, 2017 28

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