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Hello & welcome to The A-Z of Emotional Health by Jenny Florence. Launched in June 2017 as a Free Public Resource, the A-Z of Emotional Health online library is dedicated to promoting all aspects of Emotional and Mental Health.Drawing on both personal and professional experience Jenny has a unique ability to talk about the complexities of our mind and emotions in a language that is accessible and without jargon.

“I am continually in awe of our human capacity to grow beyond that which has caused, and indeed may still be causing us difficulty. We cannot change our past but we can change our relationship to our past. In doing so, we create change within our present, which in turn then changes the shape of our future.

As a Counsellor with over 26 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to listen to many people, each one on their own unique and individual journey. Regardless of individual circumstances, the one common denominator that I have found is that every single person is struggling to relate to the way that they are feeling. They are struggling to understand their emotional experiences.

It is not uncommon for people to struggle to talk about their feelings and to make sense of them.

When we understand our emotions at the very least our feelings will remain at the same level of intensity and at best the intensity of them will significantly diminish reducing the potential for emotional overwhelm. When we learn to listen to ourselves without judgement, followed through with responsive actions the landscape of our world, both inner and outer, will change.”


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“I have been listening to your confidence vs self-esteem videos. Every word hit home! It was like listening to a description of myself. Really helpful to think about the Golden Rules of Self-esteem!” (Kerri)

“A great post on self-esteem, thanks for sharing Jenny. Really insightful and applicable in my world – to coaching and developing high performers or high potentials for whom the derailers are often associated with an imbalance of confidence and self esteem.” (Sarah)


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